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Is your TV picture pixelated or you have no signal from free-to-air channels?

Are you trying to install a new antenna yourself and just can't get everything to work?

Was your antenna or TV cabling recently damaged and you are not sure what to do now?

Do you need an official quote for an insurance claim due to recent damage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions don't stress because we can help! Our experienced antenna and AV technicians can quickly identify exactly what is wrong and recommend the best and most economical solution to fix it. The first step is to give Charles a call on 0415 060 830 and explain what is happening. It may be something simple he can give advice on how to rectify yourself, otherwise one of our technicians can visit your residence for a closer inspection. Regardless of the issue we can have you back watching your favourite TV shows in no time!

Depending on the nature of your problem and any known issues specific to your area, there are 2 possible courses of action we will provide.

1. Fix your existing system

Where it is cheaper to fix the existing problem than install a new antenna.

This involves the analysis of many factors why you have a bad (or no) reception and what is causing it. Often it is not the antenna causing problems but other related issues. We can quickly identify whatever the issue is, and if we discover it is something cheaper to fix rather than to install a new antenna system, we will give you our honest recommendation of what to do and how much it will cost.

  • Bad signal due to interference from household devices and fixtures
  • Minor damage to cabling & infrastructure via corrosion, pests etc.
  • Degraded and improperly installed cabling (especially the fly lead)
  • Misalignment of antenna position or other AV infrastructure
  • Issues with TV or set-top box and not the actual antenna

2. Install a new system

Where it is cheaper to install a new antenna system than fix the existing issues

Many times it is simply cheaper and easier to replace your existing antenna system with a brand new digital system. If this is the case we will supply, install and configure everything needed to get your TV working perfect again at a very reasonable price. Depending on your issue our technicians will give you an honest appraisal and fix on-the-spot. These generally include things like...

  • You are still using an old analog antenna and need to switch to digital
  • Your actual antenna has been damaged by storm, water, pests etc.
  • The wrong antenna type or suitability for your area/purpose
  • You reside in a digital 'black-spot' area and need a satellite system
  • Anything else where it is cheaper to replace than repair
Old TV with no signal

Why is my TV reception bad?
Common causes for bad/no reception.

Problems with your TV reception could be due to many factors including antenna age/condition, your environment, electromagnetic disruption, location and natural damage like pests and rodents - the potential possibilities are widespread. General pixelation and freezing occurs when there is a disruption in the TV signal or there is a weak signal altogether. Your location can also be a contributing factor especially in the fringe reception range of the Digital Transmitters around Brisbane. Some suburbs in Brisbane are noted for difficulties which we are well aware of and can advise you of alternative options over the phone. If you are in such an area the Vast Satellite service works extremely well and we can set this up for you. The final possible reason for bad TV reception is interference from electrical devices in the household. Led lighting, battery chargers and Phone tower transmitters have been noted within our industry to cause reception issues too

Charles on roof repairing TV antenna

Is my antenna broken...
or is it something else?

When you first call we will try to determine if there is something simple causing your TV issues which does not require us to come out. If we can't provide an answer over the phone we will arrange to visit your property to conduct an inspection. This involves checking every possible point for signal loss including your TV, set-top box, receiver, wall plate, cabling and antenna. We use specialised equipment for this process and does not generally take long to do. Depending on the results we will then be able to recommend the best course of action. Generally the cheapest option is to install a new antenna system rather than fix your existing setup (view details). This is very affordable and we can do this on the spot for you. However if this is not an option, or it is cheaper to fix an existing issue, we will recommend what you need to do next. Unlike other companies we WILL NEVER try to upsell you unnecessary services or products. Our only goal is to get your TV up and running again at the lowest cost. With over a decade fixing TV reception problems for thousands of Brisbane residents, we have the experience and know-how to ensure you never pay more than you have to.

What our happy customers have to say

We called someone else first. They quoted a high price and never turned up. We then called Affordable, they turned up and their price was much cheaper. I recommend this company!

Trevor, Bracken Ridge

Just want to say how good their antennas are. After the replacement, we have excellent television reception. The TV picture has never looked better. Buy Australian-made, these are great antennas. Highly recommended!

Simon, Bowen Hills

Charles arrived on time and solved my problems very quickly. I wish I called him 18 months ago.

Claire, Albany Creek

I highly recommend this company. They had a hell of a time solving my issues. My house is very old and had a number of issues causing my problem. Charles worked very hard and the end-result is now I have completely satisfactory television viewing. Very impressed with their professional attitude and abilities. I am recommending Charles to my friends.

Michael, Kedron

Very professional, very friendly, polite and courteous. Our problem solved quickly and we now have perfect reception. Thank you Charles.

Mary, Toowong

Affordable Prices. Quick Brisbane Service.

Since 2007 we have installed more than 9500 antennas to our happy customers in the greater Brisbane region. Our experienced antenna technicians always ensure that your job is done right the first time. As a local Brisbane business we strive to ensure our customers are always satisfied before we leave your property. Most of all, we 100% stand behind the products and services that we offer because our reputation is the key to our business.

Please don’t pay more because you do not need to. If you have any questions call me. I can be reached on the mobile number 0415 060 830. Please be assured that I stand behind my company's work and our 5 year warranty.

- Charles Murati - owner of Affordable Antennas Brisbane

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